Build Your Modern Dream Home with Custom House Builders in Etobicoke

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Build Your Modern Dream Home with Custom House Builders in Etobicoke

Building Contemporary Homes That Are Timeless

Custom house builders in Etobicoke are constantly erecting quality new homes that appeal to contemporary tastes while keeping in mind those certain design elements that never go out of style. This helps to ensure that once the home hits the market sometimes down the line, it will capture the eyes of potential homeowners who have in mind exactly what features they need to help turn their dream house into a home.

Where Not to Cut Corners


Reputable home builders will never use cheap methods and materials just to get the job done quickly and cheaply. This ensures that you will never have to worry about the durability of your home or not meeting Etobicoke building codes. "On time and under budget” can come back to haunt you in the end, so here are a few luxuries that cost a little bit more up front, but will pay off down the line.


Granite Countertops– The aesthetic appeal and luxury sheen of granite turns any room in your home into a showroom and will be the envy of buyers. Granite is popular for good reason. Not only are granite countertops striking to look at, but they are extremely durable. This ensures that potential buyers will not have to consider the costs of making upgrades in the kitchen because it has already been done for them. Another popular options that is completely non-porous and stain resistant is Quartz countertops.  These are man made engineered "stone like” countertops that do not require a sealer to protect their surface.


Fireplace – Home buyers are willing to make higher offers on homes that include one or more fireplaces. All it takes is one look at a fireplace and they can instantly picture their family gathered around a cozy fire.


Ensuite Master Bath– Particularly for married couples, a separate bathroom can become an oasis away from the hectic activities of everyday life. Building an ensuite mater bath, complete with a Jacuzzi tub and TV installation, is a sure-fire way to grab the attention of people looking for a special, homey place where they can relax at the end of a hard day.


Hardwood Floors – Carpeting used to be the standard when building a home, mostly because it looked comfortable and was considered a feature that conserved energy. However, young families today are more drawn toward the sleek look and easy upkeep of hardwood floors. With so many colours, textures, and designs to choose from, it is easy to install a floor that is not only unique, but also easy to clean.


Central Air Conditioning – Homeowners are far more willing to spend extra money on a home that can easily be kept cool on those hot, humid Etobicoke summer nights.


Eat-In Kitchen – Families are busier than ever and cannot always find the time to sit down together for supper in a dedicated dining room. We are living in a culture that eats on the go, so incorporating an open concept eat-in kitchen where parents can spend time with their kids and have a bite before they send them off to school is sure to increase your home’s listing price in Toronto’s booming real estate market.


World Class Customer Service


The best way to find respected custom house builders in Etobicoke is to seek out a company that prides itself on providing world class customer service and quality workmanship while sharing your passion to build a dream home from the ground up.

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